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Tiny Reindeer

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Tiny Reindeer is too small to pull Santa's sleigh. Will he figure out a way to prove his worth before Christmas day? A sweet Christmas picture book for fans of When Santa Was a Baby and Dasher.
Santa and his reindeer are getting ready for Christmas, but Tiny Reindeer is too small to join in! Santa knows that a nudge in the right direction could change Tiny's life forever. When Tiny discovers a letter from a bereft little girl who is wishing for a tiny reindeer to match her grandfather's final gift, a hand-carved tiny sleigh, Tiny realizes that this might be his big chance. But will he have the courage to take a (literal) leap into the unknown? And what can Santa do to help?

This picture book is a sweet, funny and heartfelt look at being different and feeling too small to matter, and reassures readers that even the smallest gift -- whether it's a tiny reindeer or a seemingly small opportunity to help -- can bring lots of joy.
  • Ages 3-7 years
  • 32 pages
  • ISBN:  9780735271180