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The Not So Brave Little Lion 192 GIFT CHILD Simon Schuster

The Not So Brave Little Lion

Simon Schuster
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From the illustrator of Bob Dylan’s If Not for You comes a wildly cute, encouraging picture book about a lovable lion who learns to be brave and that you’re never too small to make a difference.

Lions are BIG and they’re BRAVE, we all know that.
But not Little Lion: he’s a fraidy-cat!
He’s afraid of his shadow and noises at night,
even sounds in the day will give him a fright.

Little Lion and his friend Bird often hide in the woods, watching the Big Lions play from afar. “Someday we’ll be big, with no fears at all,” he says, hoping that he’ll outgrow his small stature and finally have courage. But when his feathered friend gets into a scary situation and the other lions are just too big to help, Little Lion will have to face his fears and discover that maybe he’s a little bit courageous after all!