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Silicone Spoons Utensils Mushie Blush/Sand
Silicone Spoons Utensils Mushie Blue/Sand
Silicone Spoons 180 BABY GEAR Mushie Stone/Cloudy Mauve

Silicone Spoons

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  • 2 silicone feeding spoons
  • Made of 100% BPA and chemical free material 
  • The soft silicone tip protects your baby's sensitive gums and newly grown teeth making meal time enjoyable for you and your little one! 
  • To clean, wash with warm, soapy water and let dry. 
  • Do not microwave, steam, or sterilize. 
  • Discard and replace at first sign of weakness or damage. 
  • Do not let child walk or run while carrying the spoon. 
  • Do not leave child unattended.