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Star Velvet Bomber Jacket - Pitter Patter

Star Velvet Bomber Jacket

Lola & The Boys
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Silver sequin stars on a beautiful velvet bomber jacket.

Lola and the Boys reimagines kids’ fashion as outrageously fun, comfy and totally doable.For Lola and the Boys’ founder Irina Ovrutsky, having kids pushed her inner artist to come out and play. Going from model to mama, she had daughter Lola (followed by sons Shia, then Julian (“JuJu”), and it changed everything. Irina put the brakes on a women’s boutique she had in the works and suddenly saw style through a different lens—more colorful for kids, yet practical for parents.Her path from runway to designer took an unexpected turn into a playful, sparkly land of kids’ fashion where glitter, unicorns and rainbows rule. She affectionately called it Lola and the Boys. And so, this fantastically fun brand was born in Chicago in 2016. The clothes are cool enough to go from playground to party, but they’re also ultra comfy and high quality—looking fresh season after season.