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Breathefrida: The Humidifier 180 BABY GEAR Fridababy
Breathefrida: The Humidifier 180 BABY GEAR Fridababy
Breathefrida: The Humidifier 180 BABY GEAR Fridababy

Breathefrida: The Humidifier

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When baby's room is dryer than a philosophy lecture, it's time to turn on the BreatheFrida 3-in-1 Humidifier and get some moisture back in the building. The ultimate triple threat, this humidifier also acts as a diffuser and nightlight! Add a few drops of essential oils to naturally soothe and calm your little one and turn on the nightlight for bedtime visibility.

  • COOL MIST HUMIDIFIER: Uses the power of ultrasonic vibration to turn water into a cool hydrating mist that runs for up to 12 hours. Mist adjuster goes from gentle mist to tropical rainforest with a twist of the knob. The water tank is BPA free
  • DIFFUSER: Add Breath Frida Vapor Drops or any aromatherapy-grade essential oil for easier breathing - it covers up to 320 square feet with a 0.5 gallon tank.
  • COLOR CHANGING NIGHTLIGHT: Equipped with a range of nightlight colors for even more control over the dreamy ambiance.
  • AUTO-STOP FEATURE: Designed to automatically turn off when the water runs out or the tank is removed.
  • 3-IN-1: Use humidifier, diffuser and nightlight all together, or individually.

What's Inside? 1 Humidifier + Diffuser + Nightlight


DEEPER CLEANING + DESCALING: Everyone’s water content is different, so cleaning and scale removal may be required weekly or every other week to optimize unit performance. If scale becomes difficult to remove with brush, follow the steps below. 1. In a cup, combine 1 tsp of white vinegar and 1 tsp of water.
2. Let solution stand for 5 minutes.
3. Pour the mixture into the base, cleaning all interior surfaces with a soft cloth or brush to help remove scale.
4. Check 360O Mister and Mist Tube in Water Tank. Clean as needed.
5. Rinse the base thoroughly with water to remove remaining scale and the leftover vinegar solution.