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Pitter Patter is committed to helping families affected by the devastating wildfires of December 30th, 2021.  They were the worst wildfires in Colorado history that destroyed hundreds of homes in Superior and Louisville, Colorado. Thousands of children lost everything. Your generosity can help them heal and rebuild.  

Here's how the Pitter Patter Community Cares Funds work:

  • Choose how much you'd like to contribute from the amounts listed and checkout through our website. There's nothing more you need to do after this step.  Automatic order confirmation and fulfillment emails will come to you, but they are just for record-keeping on our end.  We'll take it from here. 
  • Your 'Funds' will be paired with a local child's needs that we've learned about from our customers, charities and schools. (This step may take a few days.)
  • Your 'Funds' will be exchanged for new clothing, accessories, toys or gifts from our current inventory, supplemented by merchandise Pitter Patter has also donated to this rebuilding effort.  
  • We'll wrap up the new items in our signature packaging and contact the family  for pickup or delivery. 

*Please note Pitter Patter is not a charity and this is not a tax deductible donation.